This limited-edition photograph by American artist Tierney Gearon was featured in The New York Times Magazine Photographs (Aperture, 2011), edited by Kathy Ryan. It originally appeared in the story “Another Woman,” published in The New York Times Magazine on October 23, 2005. 

Here's what she remembers about the experience: “A lot of actors don’t like having their photos taken. When Diane Keaton arrived at my house for this shoot she was wearing a hat. As soon as we began, she took the hat off and started hiding behind it. I think she was surprised that I said: ‘Okay, then, if you want to hide your face let’s just do it all the way instead of this peek-a-boo thing.’ I asked her to lie on the ground in this alley and put her hat over her face.”

Although the location, make-up, lights, and assistants have all been pre-arranged, there is a fleeting moment of strangeness which Gearon has managed to capture, making the figure of Keaton simply another element in an interesting picture. Like most of Gearon's other non-editorial work, there is a strong sense of narrative in this image, but the viewer is left uncertain as to what that narrative exactly is.

Tierney Gearon (born in Atlanta, Georgia, 1963) is a self-taught artist who began her career on the other side of the lens, as a model. While she still works in a commercial and editorial capacity, over the past decade Gearon has increasingly focused on personal projects, such as The Mother Project, which showed at the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York in 2006, and her lseries explosure for Phillips de Pury & Company in 2008. Her work began to gain recognition in the art world after being included in the Saatchi Gallery’s I Am a Camera exhibition in 2001. She lives and works in Santa Monica, California.


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