"After the dance and after the last bow, the dancers gathered at the foot of the stage at Jacob's Pillow. They sat there and took questions from the audience when I noticed that one pair of legs was still dancing." —Sylvia Plachy

Sylvia Plachy, the first photographer assigned to shoot the opening photograph of the legendary Goings On About Town section of The New Yorker, explores in her work the city's dynamics from the inside out, from the Mermaid Parade to camels walking through town on the way to the circus, and sometimes farther afield, as in the case of this beautiful limited-edition photograph After the Dance, Jacob's Pillow 2005, which was included in her latest Aperture book, Goings On About Town: Photographs for The New Yorker (co-published with The New Yorker, 2007).

Here the artist captures a lush glimpse of dancers after a performance, with an eye and composition that is quintessentially Sylvia Plachy. Plachy's particular humor and her way of looking made the artist perfectly suited for the assignments she undertook, and the resulting color photographs offer up a joyful feast for all who behold them. This is a a wonderful opportunity to own a work of art created by one of the medium's most respected practitioners. Photographer Richard Avedon perhaps summed it up best when he said of Sylvia Plachy: "She makes me laugh and she breaks my heart. She is moral. She is everything a photographer should be."

Sylvia Plachy's (born 1943, Budapest) photo-essays and portraits have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, Granta, Artforum, Fortune, and other publications, and have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, and Tokyo. Plachy’s most recent book, Self Portrait with Cows Going Home (Aperture, 2004), a personal history of central Europe in photographs and text, received a 2004 Golden Light award for best book, and in spring 2007, PhotoEspaña, Madrid, featured a retrospective exhibition of her work. 


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