Aperture 113

Winter 1988

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British Photography: Towards a Bigger Picture

Where We’ve Come From: Aspects of Postwar British Photography
By Mark Haworth-Booth
Photographs by Bill Brandt, John Deakin, Nigel Henderson, Don McCullin, Philip Jones Griffiths, Raymond Moore, David Hurn, Thurston Hopkins, Tony Ray-Jones, Roger Mayne, and Richard Hamilton.

Landscape and the Fall
By Chris Titterington
Photographs by Edwin Smith, John R. J. Taylor, Hamish Fulton, Peter Cattrell, Simon Dent, Garry Miller, Elizabeth Williams, and John Davies.

Thatcher’s Britain
Photographs by Brian Griffin, John Sturrock, Peter Marlow, Stuart Franklin, Paul Trevor, Victor Burgin, Paul Graham, Chris Steele-Perkins, and Martin Parr.

Between Frames
By Susan Butler
Photographs by Helen Chadwick, Susan Hiller, Roberta Graham, Sue Arrowsmith, Verdi Yahooda, Mari Mahr, Karen Knorr, and Hannah Collins.

Other Britains, Other Britons
By Gilane Tawadros
Photographs by David Lewis, Ingrid Pollard, David Bailey, Zarina Bhimji, and Mitra Tabrizian.

Through the Looking Glass, Darkly
By Rosetta Brooks
Photographs by Yve Lomax, Susan Trangmar, and John Hilliard.

Romances of Decay, Elegies for the Future
By David Mellor
Photographs by Calum Colvin, Olivier Richon, Ron O’Donnell, Boyd Webb, Adam Füss, Tim Head, Wenyon & Gamble, Peter Fraser, Anna Fox, Paul Reas, Andy Wiener, Keith Arnatt, and Matthew Dalziel.

People and Ideas
The B Movie Phenomenon: British Cinema Today by Michael O’Pray
Review of Paul Graham’s Troubled Land, by Trisha Ziff
Review of Chris Killip’s In Flagrante, by Liz Heron
’70s/’90s: Notes for a Map of British Photography