Aperture 114

Spring 1989

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 80 978-0-89381-377-2
Self and Shadow

John Coplans: Body Images

Peter Campus: Faces

Variations on a Theme of Portraiture
by Max Kozloff

Familiar Strangers
Photographs by Nicholas Nixon, Sally Mann, W. Snyder MacNeil, Larry Fink, Judith Joy Ross, and Carolien Stikker

From “The Invention of Solitude”
By Paul Auster

Peter Hujar: Nudes

In the Theater of the Pose
Photographs by Mariana Cook, Susan Shaw, and JoAnn Verburg

Brian Weil: The Faces of Aids

Social Types
Photographs by Joel Sternfeld and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

From “R”
Photographs by Will McBride, poems and letters by Richard Geldmacher

The Repressed Face
By Donald Kuspit
Photographs by Arnulf Rainer, Gary Brotmeyer, Rick McKee Hock, Thomas Florschuetz, Christian Boltanski, and Thomas Ruff

The Dreamer Dreamed
Photographs by Judith Golden, Lynne Augeri, Susan Shaw, Michael Sanders, Judy Dater, Arne Svenson, The Starn Twins, Michael Spano, Mauro Altamura, and Nancy Burson

People and Ideas
In Grief and Anger: Photographing People with AIDS, by Robert Atkins
Aftershocks, by Brendan Lemon (review of Robert Mapplethorpe at the Whitney Museum of American Art)
Paris Is . . ., by Nan Richardson