Aperture 119

Early Summer 1990

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 80 978-0-89381-446-5
Cultures in Transition: The World’s Reality

The Unveiled: Algerian Women, 1960
By Carole Naggar

A House Divided: South Africa’s Hostels
By David Lewis

Retrato de un Pueblo
By Wendy Ewald

Other Viewpoints, Other Dimensions
By Susan Morgan

Sobriety and Variation: Notes on Brazilian/Yoruba Sacred Altars
By Robert Farris Thompson

The World’s Reality: A Special Section

The Past Becoming Future: Who Lives an Image, For Whom an Image Lives
By Nan Richardson

Reclaiming a Cultural Legacy: The Ju/’Hoansi of Namibia
By Megan Biesele

Native Visions: The Growth of Indigenous Media
By Elizabeth Weatherford

Making a New Culture: An Interview with Omar Badsha
By Charles Hagen

Of Wood and Stone
By Karoline Postal-Vinay

People and Ideas
Videomakers and Basketmakers
By Leslie Marmon Silko
The Psychoids of Oppression and a Faith in Healing: The Life and Work of W. Eugene Smith
By A. D. Coleman
The South, Inside and Out
By Alice Rose George