Aperture 120

Late Summer 1990

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 80 978-0-89381-447-2
Beyond Wilderness

Unbounded Wilderness
By Barry Lopez
Photographs by William Clift, Barbara Bosworth, A. J. Meek,
Robert Dawson, Alan Tibbetts, and Mark Klett

Land and Landscape
By Charles Hagen
Photographs by Philip Hyde and Robert Glenn Ketchum

Power and Smoke: Two Statements
Photographs by John Pfahl

Reclaiming History: Richard Misrach and the Politics of Landscape Photography
By Rebecca Solnit
Photographs by Richard Misrach

vA Growing Awareness: Environmental Groups and the Media
By Joel Connelly
Photographs by Gary Braasch, Ken Graham, Michael Baytoff, and Sam Kittner

Out of the Garden
Photographs by Len Jenshel

Wilderness as Saint
By Wes Jackson
Photographs by Terry Evans

Water in the West
By Gerald Haslam
Photographs by Robert Dawson

Of Houses and Highways
By J. B. Jackson
Photographs by Peter deLory, John Ganis, Masumi Hayashi, and Stuart Klipper

People and Ideas
The Legacy of Ansel Adams: Debts and Burdens
By Mark Klett
Topographic Translations
By Nan Richardson
Evans in the Night of Photography
By Edumdo Desnoes