Aperture 126

Spring 1992

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 80 978-0-89381-512-7
Haiti: Feeding the Spirit

A Place They Call Haiti
By Amy Wilentz
Photographs by Bruce Gilden, Jerry Berndt, Jim Tynan, Eli Reed, Gilles Peress, and Tony Savino

Vodou Carnival
By Donald Cosentino
Photographs by Gary Monroe, Lynne Warberg, Alex Webb, Tony Savino, and Sharon Guynup

The Gift
By Paul Uhry Newman
Photographs by Maggie Steber, Chantal Regnault, Stuart Rome, and Richard Vogel

Haiti Snapshots
By Jonathan Demme

Serving the Spirits Across Two Seas: Vodou Culture in New York and Haiti
By Elizabeth McAlister
Photographs by Elizabeth McAlister, Daniel Morel, Chantal Regnault, Les Stone, and Walter Rosenblum

Postcards from History
By Mark Danner
Photographs by P. F. Bentley, Mark Richards, Les Stone, W. Eugene Smith, Christopher Morris, Frank Fournier, Steve Bollman, and James Nachtwey

Haitian Studio Photography: A Hidden World of Images
By Marilyn Houlberg
Photographs by Patrick Lafontant and other Haitian studio photographers

Ten O’Clock Flower
By Jean-Claude Martineau
Photographs by Steve Winter, Tony Savino, and Alex Webb

People and Ideas
White Darkness/Black Dreamings, by Sal Scalora
A One-Woman Show: An Interview with Marie Yolande St. Fleur, by Rebecca Busselle