Aperture 132

Summer 1993

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 80 978-0-89381-547-9
Immagini Italiane

Del Bene e Del Male, Or, Who’s on Top?
By Lina Wertmuller

Drawing from the Imagination: The Comic Art of Dario Fo
By Ron Jenkins

The Gospels According to Fo
By Dario Fo

Flash Warning: The Paparazzi are Coming
By Massimo Di Forti

Poetica e Poesia: A Reading of Recent Italian Photography
By Roberta Valtorta

A Minimal Adventure
By Paolo Costantini

Blood Ties: The Mafia
By Vincenzo Consolo

Against the Odds: One Woman’s Battle with the Mob
An Interview with Letizia Battaglia
By Giovanna Calvenzi

The Invention of Southernness : Photographic Travels and the Discovery of the Other Half of Italy
By Antonella Russo, with research by Diego Mormorio

People and Ideas
A Symbiotic Relationship: Collecting and the History of Italian Photography, by Carlo Bertelli
In the Meantime: Fashion Photographer Fabrizio Ferri Turns His Focus to Pediatric AIDS Advertising,
Naked and Fully Clothed, by Furio Colombo
A Forced Perspective: Aerial photography and Fascist Propaganda, by Karen Frome