Aperture 172

Fall 2003

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 80 pages 978-1-93178-825-0
Aperture Magazine, issue #172, Fall 2003.
Portfolios and Essays from Stephen Shore and Peter Schjeldahl, Marco Pesaresi and Federico Fellini, Gerda Taro and Richard Whelan, David Maisel and Diana Gaston, Celia A. Shapiro and Charles Bowden, Simen Johan and Lyle Rexer.

Alone with Baseball: Stephen Shore's Minor Leagues
by Peter Schjeldahl
Shore's rarely seen recent work on minor-league baseball.

My Rimini
Photographs by Marco Pesaresi, Essay by Federico Fellini
Pesari's humorous vision of the seaside resort of Rimini, hometown to master filmmaker Frederico Fellini, accompanied by Fellini's moving tribute to his hometown written in 1967.

Gerda Taro: Heroic Witness
by Richard Whelan
Virtually unknown, truly remarkable photographs of the Spanish Civil War taken by the first female embedded journalist.

Immaculate Destruction: David Maisel's Lake Project
by Diana Gaston
Maisel's spectacular and otherworldly aerial images of Owens Valley, belie the environmental disaster wrought over time on this arid stretch of land in southeastern California.

Come and Get It: Last Meals and the People Who Eat Them
Photographs by Celia A. Shapiro, Essay by Charles Bowden
Shapiro's unnerving photographs of the last meals of death-row inmates.

Seeing Is Believing Photographs
by Simen Johan, Essay by Lyle Rexer
Johan's surreal vision of the fantasy life of children where no adult would dare to tread.

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