Aperture 188 (signed)

Fall 2007

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 88 pages 978-1-68395-078-3

Inside spread signed by Jaqueline Hassink

Richard Avedon and Lee Friedlander: One Day In May
In May 2002 two titans of photography met to share a portrait session. Jeffrey Fraenkel discusses the resulting images.

Mikhael Subotzky: Inside South Africa's Prisons
by Michael Godby
Subotzky has produced a varied and impressive body of work exploring the rarely seen workings of his country's prison system.

Photography and Cinematic Surface
by David Campany
From Edward Weston to Simon Norfolk, a range of photographers have explored the levels of reality on the Hollywood movie set.

Israeli Reserve Soldiers
by Jeffery Goldberg
Jonathan Torgovnik's portraits and accompanying interviews with soldiers reveal a range of perspectives among ordinary Israeli civilians fulfilling mandatory military duty.

The Darkroom, RIP
by Martin Parr
As digital photography threatens to outmode traditional photographic practice, Michel Campeau captures the unique surfaces of these vestigial spaces.

Auto Erotic: Jacqueline Hassink's Car Girls
by Francine Prose
Prose takes a look at Hassink's recent project on the women whose job is to lure buyers at auto shows across the globe.

Words Words Words
by Lisa Turvey
Shannon Ebner's work explores language, landscape, and artifice through the medium of photography.

Down in the Park: Yoshiyuki Kohei's Nocturnes
Araki Nobuyoshi speaks with Yoshiyuki about his photographs, taken surreptitiously, of couples having sex in Tokyo's parks.
Read an extended interview and see more of Michael Subotzky's images from inside South Africa's prisons here.