Aperture 160 (signed)

Summer 2000

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 80 pages 0-89381-925-5

Inside spreads signed by Chuck Close and Bert Teunissen

A World Out of Balance: Necessary Truths: Jean-Francois Leroy and the Perpignan Festival of Photojournalism
by Diana C. Stoll

Latent Image: W. Eugene Smith's Controversial Minamata Photograph
Compiled and introduced by Michael L. Sand

Dirty Laundry: Benetton's We, on Death Row Campaign
by Barbara Ehrenreich

Michael X: Michael Tracy's Rites of Passage
by Edward Leffingwell

Homesick: Domestic Landscapes
by Bert Teunissen

Chuck Close: Daguerreotypes
by Lyle Rexer

Blue Mist
by Charles Bowden