Aperture 86

Spring 1982

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches 84 pages 978-1-59711-397-7
People and Ideas
Before Photography: A Review by Jed Perl
Politics and Photographs: Second Latin American Colloquium
On Photography by Paul Tarsiers

Is Anyone Taking Notice?
Photographs by Don McCullin, Essay by Mark Holborn

Garry Winogrand’s American Comedy
Photographs by Garry Winogrand, Essay by Ben Lifson

Reconciliation with Geography
Photographs by Frank Gohlke, Essay by Robert Adams

Notes for a Portrait of Lisette Model
Photographs by Lisette Model, Profile by R. H. Cravens

Trees: Celebration and Sacrifice
Photographs by Tom Zetterstrom, Essay by Peter Steinhart