Aperture 90

Spring 1983

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches 80 0-89381-119-X
People and Ideas
Presenting Photographers Past: An Editorial
Bill Brandt Portraits: A Review by Mark Holborn
A Letter from Graz by Mark Haworth-Booth

Real Pictures for Just 25¢
Photographs by an Unknown Texas Photographer
Text by Sybil Miller

The Arctic Voyage of William Bradford
Photographs by John Dunmore and George Critcherson under the direction of William Bradford
Text by Sandra S. Phillips

Views of Japan
Photographs by Felix Beato
Text by Sol Benjamin

Photographer without Photographs
Photographs by Hermann Wilhelm Vogel
With excerpts from his letters

Passion for Genius
Photographs from the Arnold H. Crane Collection
Text by Lauren Shakely

The Peasant Miners of Morococha
Photographs by Sebastian Rodriguez
Text by Fran Antmann