Aperture 91

Summer 1983

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches 80 978-0-89381-127-3
People and Ideas
Good News: An Editorial
Pseudohistory/Pseudophotography: A Review of Walker Evans at Work and Bearing Witness, by Danny Lyon

The Glamorous Art
By Carter Ratcliff
What happened to Beauty? Art critic Carter Ratcliff finds it in the work of the seven photographers introduced in this issue.

Nancy Hellebrand: More than a Face
Moving in almost too close for comfort, Nancy Hellebrand makes portraits that reveal her subjects with startling intimacy.

William Maguire: Night Light
When the photographer steps out after dark, he sees a whole different world. William Maguire peers into the shadows of the night landscape.

John Lueders-Booth: Inside Stories
The persistence of self-identity is the underlying subject of John Lueders-Booth’s portraits of women, taken in the Massachusetts Correctional Institution.

Photography Comes of Age
Frank Gohlke Interviews Ted Hartwell
Minneapolis photographer Frank Gohlke talks to Minneapolis Institute of Arts photography curator Ted Hartwell about the place of photography in public art collections.

Stephen Scheer: America’s Backyard
Summer in small-town New England—Stephen Scheer captures the colors of Americans at leisure.

Rhondal McKinney: Midwestern Moods
Rhondal McKinney creates landscapes that are documents of the intense emotions aroused by certain combinations of light and terrain.

Susan Barron: Beyond Collage
Susan Barron photographs surreal assemblages put together from other pictures—one art transforms another.

Michael Spano: City Rhythms
Extending the camera’s vision with multiple and wide-angle lenses, Michael Spano explores the effect of time in pictures of “cultural phenomena.”

Photography: Tradition and Decline
By Carol Squiers
After reaching a height of popularity and prosperity in the 1970s, photography is in trouble. Village Voice writer Carol Squiers probes photography’s history for the source of its present dilemma and a prescription for its future.