Aperture 93

Winter 1983

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Aperture sponsored a symposium—Photography: 1982—at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California from November 7 through 12. The purpose of this gathering was to bring together artists, writers, editors, and other members of the creative community whose views and experience would stimulate, renew, and broaden the dialogue within and beyond the photography community. The following presents an edited transcription of some of the work, issues, and discussions presented by the sixteen individuals who accepted our invitation to Esalen. It is hoped that this record of our exchange will offer new directions for the future of the medium.

November 7
Planning Session.
William Christenberry, photographer. Current Work.

Dark Circle, a film. Human Lives in the Nuclear Age.

November 8
Brewster Ghiselin, poet and critic. The Visual Behavior of Looking.

Thomas Ockerse, a graphic designer. On Visible Language System.

Ray Metzker, photographer. “City Whispers”—Recent Work.

Jerome Liebling, photographer. Recent Work.

Siegfried Halus, Photographer. “Flashlight Series”—Recent Work.

Mark Holborn, writer and editor. Harmony and Conflict in Modern Japan.

John Grimes, photographer and educator. The Aesthetic of Photography.

Alison Knowles, visual artist. The Book of Bean.

Robert Adams, photographer and writer. A Video-taped Interview.

Michael E. Hoffman, publisher. Presenting Silver Mountain Foundation.

Linda Connor, photographer. Women and Landscape Photography.

November 9
Ingrid Sischy, editor. The Critical Gap.

Raymond Depardon, photographer and filmmaker. Sam Clemente, a film.

November 10
Richard Price, co-founder of Esalen. On Sustaining a Community.

Frank Gohlke, photographer. Recent Work.

Irresponsible Imagery, a Group discussion.

November 11