Aperture 96

Fall 1984

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches 80 978-0-89381-151-8
People and Ideas
Art is Politics: A Review of El Salvador and A Vanishing World by Danny Lyon
Konsumerterror: Late-Industrial Alienation by Lewis Baltz

Color Codes
Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the eyes of William Eggleston and the art of Cindy Sherman’s personal myth are probed by Mark Holborn.

Ironic Harmonies
Joel Sternfeld documents the pattern that technology and sensibility weave into our social landscape.

Klanscape Effigies
William Christenberry’s Klan Room is a theater of obsessive evil.

Urban Combat
Luis Medina captures the color blasts of Chicago’s painted walls.

The Drama of Ambiguity
Color cues in the street narratives of Patrick D. Pagnano.

Night Life
Jan Staller, on the city streets, tracks the color of night.

Natural Formalism
Len Jenshel holds the edge between unrestrained natural occurrence and precise formal considerations.

Conversation with a Work of Art
Peter Plagens interviews 23 March 1983, a work by painter/sculptor/photographer Lucas Samaras.

The Berlin Series
William Eggleston’s unpublished work on the walled city, with writings by Peter Schneider.