Aperture 97

Winter 1984

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People and Ideas
Brassai, 1899-1984
Gilbert & George Storm America’s Citadels, by Mark Holborn

Invasion: Prague 1968
The events in Czechoslovakia form a turning point in European history and dominate the most significant year in postwar history. Photographs by Josef Koudelka, with writings by Milan Kundera.

The Photography of Conflict
Fred Ritchin analyzes how the media present conflict, with particular reference to the work of Philip Jones Griffiths, Harry Mattison, and Susan Meiselas.

An Eye for an Eye: Northern Ireland
Gilles Peress records a society locked in a circle of retribution. The psychology of violence and the routines of daily life are further observed in a commentary by Nan Richardson.

The Eye of the Storm: Beirut
Over a period of nearly twenty years, Don McCullin has witnessed the destruction of war and the triumph of the human spirit in Lebanon’s civil war.

Occupation: The American Bases in Japan
Shomei Tomatu’s document of the American presence in Japan reveals a native identity threatened by cultural and military invasion.