Art Photography Now

By Susan Bright

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9 x 10 3/4 inches 224 pages, 250 four-color images 978-1-59711-026-6

Photography helped shape art in the late twentieth century; in the twenty-first, it has begun to dominate it. Not only are major international museums and galleries devoting blockbuster exhibitions to the medium, but artist-photographers are also being celebrated as contemporary masters and their work commands unprecedented prices.

This stunning survey presents the work of seventy-six of the most important and best-loved artist-photographers in the world today. Susan Bright has organized the book into seven sections—City, Portrait, Document, Object, Landscape, Fashion, and Narrative—each of which explores the diverse subjects, styles, and methods adopted by artists. Introductions to each section outline the genres and consider why photographers are attracted to certain themes and how issues like memory, time, objectivity, politics, identity, and the everyday are tied to certain approaches. Each photographer's work is then presented in sequence, with commentaries by the author highlighting the art's most important aspects. Quotations from the artists appear alongside to offer valuable insights into the motivation, inspiration, and intentions behind the work.

With an introduction that sets out the historical relationship between art and photography from the early nineteenth century and discusses the art world's embrace of the medium in recent decades, Art Photography Now is a truly comprehensive guide to the essential aspects of contemporary photography.

Susan Bright is an independent writer, lecturer, and curator. A former curator of photographs at the National Portrait Gallery and director of the Association of Photogra­phers Gallery, both in London, currently she is an Associate Lecturer in Photographic History and Theory at the London College of Communication, Acting Director of the MA contemporary art course at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, and a course leader at Tate Modern, London. She has curated a variety of photography exhibitions and has written numerous articles and essays for a number of catalogs, journals, and magazines, including Photoworks, Source, Contemporary, Tema Celeste, and Showstudio.


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