Daido: TKY

Photographs by Daido Moriyama

Availability: Limited quantities

9 1/8 x 11 3/16 inches 20 Gatefold pages, 40 photocopied images Staple-bound in a silk screen printed paperback cover Signed and numbered by the artist Fall 2011

With PRINTING SHOW—TKY, Daido Moriyama re-staged his 1974 performance “Moriyama Daido Printing Show,” held at the Shimizu Gallery in Ogikubo, Tokyo, from March 23 to 31. In lieu of mounting photographic prints on the walls of the gallery, Moriyama brought in a photocopy machine and silk screen printing station. Using this equipment, he generated an ad hoc photobook composed of photocopied sheets staple-bound inside a silk screen cover. That book was called Another Country in New York, making use of photographs that he shot while in New York City in the winter of 1971 with Tadanori Yokoo. In the 2011 re-staging of this event at the Aperture Gallery, reciprocating the New York—Tokyo exchange, the photobook that Moriyama produced is titled TKY and features work shot in Tokyo over the last ten years.

Event participants were encouraged to edit and sequence their own copy of TKY, choosing from a menu of interior sheets and two cover options. As such, PRINTING SHOW—TKY is a nexus of photography and performance while also deconstructing the photobook-making process and bringing into focus the shifting role of institutions as loci of content dissemination in a post-web generation.

The remainder of the copies made during the performance are now being offered to our collecting audience.

PRINTING SHOW—TKY is organized as an Ivan Vartanian/Goliga project.