Coinciding with "Elements of Style," Aperture is pleased to present a series of limited-edition prints by artists featured in the issue. 

"A Durimel photograph is distinguishable from the typical glossy fashion photography found on billboards as brand advertisements or seasonal editorials. The duo’s images are imbued with a surrealism derived from what they call a 'sartorial interest in style, texture, color, and silhouette’. Over the last several years, Durimel have made character-driven pictures concerned with evoking emotion and identity by blending interests in color theory, composition, and the politics of dress. 'Our images share the story of life through blackness.'" —Antwaun Sargent, from Aperture Issue 228, “Elements of Style”

Jalan and Jibril Durimel draw inspiration through their diversified upbringing between the French Antilles and the United States. Born in Paris to parents from the island of Guadeloupe, at the age of four they moved to Miami, where they first immersed themselves in American culture. It was in the island of St. Maarten, however, where they first became interested in cinema as teenagers. This lead them back to the U.S. to study film in Los Angeles, where they began modeling in campaigns for American Apparel, AXS Folk Technology, and Union Los Angeles. They most recently shot Kenzo’s Spring 2017 campaign featuring Kelsey Lu, Jesse Williams, and Tracee Ellis Ross. 


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