Erwin Olaf Limited Edition Box Set

By Erwin Olaf

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10 x 13 inches

Volume I:
128 pages
65 four-color images
, 978-159711-0610-7
July 2008

Volume II:
112 pages
75 four-color images
November 2014

Edition of 30 Pigment Prints Felix, 2008 and Portrait 22, 2012 Image Size: 7 15/16 x 5 15/16 inches Paper Size: 12 3/4 x 9 5/8 inches Signed and numbered by the artist

This jewel-toned box set includes each of Erwin Olaf’s Aperture monographs: a copy of the first edition of Erwin Olaf, published in 2008 and currently unavailable in bookstores; and a copy of Erwin Olaf: Volume II, released in 2014. Accompanying these are two representative prints of images selected from Volume II. Both books bring together a number of series, showcasing the artist’s craftsman-like approach to creating stylized color studio images. The two prints, created at a smaller size than Olaf’s typical editions, offer a tantalizing amuse-bouche for fans of this artisan of atmosphere, who uses high polish to both perverse and seductive effect.

Each pigment print in this box set was printed by the artist’s studio under the supervision of the artist. The set is limited to thirty numbered copies and five artist’s proofs. Each print, of photographs appearing in Erwin Olaf: Volume II, is signed and numbered by Olaf.

Erwin Olaf (born in Hilversum, the Netherlands, 1959) is a Dutch photographer known for his highly stylized, daring, and often provocative work addressing social issues and taboos. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Johannes Vermeer Award (2011), a Lucie Award (2008), and Photographer of the Year in the International Color Awards (2006). His work is shown in museums and galleries around the world. Olaf also received a commission to design the new national side of the Dutch Euro, launched in 2013.

Francis Hodgson (essay), former head of the photographs department at Sotheby’s, is profes­sor in the Culture of Photography at the University of Brighton, England. He is also the pho­tography critic of the Financial Times.