Every photographer who is a master of his medium has evolved a philosophy from such experiences; and whether we agree or not, his thoughts act like a catalyst on our own . . .
—Excerpt from Founders' statement, Aperture vol. 1, no. 1, 1952

Join Joel Meyerowitz for a two-day intensive workshop about photographing on the street and in the landscape. In his introductory essay to the book The Garden at Orgeval (Aperture, 2012), Meyerowitz writes of Paul Strand’s “joy in the discovery of small worlds lying everywhere at his feet…. This is a state of awareness that all artists aspire to, but which is so subtle as to be almost out of reach if you are not ready to submit to it.” In this workshop you will learn to combine the mental focus and physical rigor of photographing on the streets of New York City with the meditative receptivity required of the artist working with nature. For serious amateurs and professionals alike, gain confidence photographing in any urban setting and develop an approach to seeing nature as it appears in urban settings and in the winter landscape.

Joel Meyerowitz (born in New York, 1938) is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in more than 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. He is a two-time Guggenheim fellow, a recipient of awards from both the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a winner of the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis. He has published nineteen books, including Cape Light (1978), Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks (Aperture, 2009), and a retrospective of his work, Taking My Time (2012). He has taught photography at Cooper Union, Princeton, Tuscany Photography Workshops, and International Center of Photography and has lectured widely.


SATURDAY, December 8, 2012
10 am–1:15 pm Introductions followed by a conversation about photographic thinking, language, etc. Short review of participants’ work (six to eight prints each) to set the terms for remainder of the workshop. Lunch included. 1:45–4:30 pm On to the street: group will move to 14th Street and the Meatpacking District and/or Union Square to work in groups and/or individually with instructor input and coaching. Groups may move away from the location and work either in Gramercy or Madison Square Parks for an introduction to the “idea” of landscape in the urban wild. 4:45–5:30 pm Reconvene and return to Aperture for wrap-up and warm drinks. 

SUNDAY, December 9, 2012
10 am–1 pm Group meets in Central Park or coastline park to continue working. 1:30–4:30 pm Return to Aperture for late lunch and review of previous day’s work. Arrangement will be made for all the day’s shooting to be assembled by the students at night and sent to the Aperture for an online final critique later in the week. 

Note: The above schedule is subject to change based on weather.