Nudes Limited Edition Boxset


Photographs by Gary Schneider

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9 x 18 inches 80 pages, 39 four-color images Limited-Edition Book Presented in a slipcase with print
Edition of 75 Ellen, 2004 Image Size: 9 x 18 inches Paper Size: 9 x 18 inches Signed and numbered by the artist

"Schneider illuminates the interdisciplinary issues of contemporary art and science, conceptual art and performance, portraiture and identity, and privacy within the public sphere." —Deborah Martin Kao

In this previously unpublished body of work, Gary Schneider presents a haunting series of nudes that emerge and seem to float above a receding black ground. Each image is rendered through long exposure and by exploring the surfaces of the skin with a small hand-held flashlight. Due to the prolonged time required and the inevitable movements and consequent distortions that occur in the process, the results both reveal and obscure the intimate physical details and emotions of the individuals who pose. The sensibility and the obsessions of the artist are reflected by his decisions to expose certain areas more than others. The skin-tones are lush and luminous as they emerge from the darkness, yet these portraits also disturb as a result of exaggerations and irregularities—the blurred traces of unconscious gesture matched with a stiffness that implies the innate physicality and mortality within each body. 

Gary Schneider (born in East London, South Africa, 1954) was the subject of a major exhibition that opened at Harvard University’s Fogg Museum in February 2004, and incorporates his previously acclaimed solo exhibition, Genetic Self-Portrait, an artistic response to the Human Genome Project. He has shown extensively worldwide, including at the Museé d’Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland; Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Illinois. He is represented by Julie Saul, New York; Stephen Daiter, Chicago; and Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston.