Harvest is a newer work by by Dutch photographer Wout Berger, published in the artist's monograph Like Birds. He is interested in contaminated sites that he often photographs as idyllic landscapes. Of his work he says, "the European landscape becomes more and more a nature-culture landscape where nature intervenes with human action. In my photography I pronounce no value judgment, I experience culture as a niche within nature. Correctly the passage between culture and nature is interesting, especially those spots where nature reconquers areas on the cultural landscape. This I observe at small-scale. Thus bits of nature can arise where cultivated landscape lies fallow awaiting a construction project."

Berger's images capture a keen interest in the details of such landscapes. And, yet, by omitting references to scale and landmarks such as the horizon, houses, people, or cars, he allows an abstract element to creep into the images. This print was produced in conjunction with Aperture's exhibition Nature as Artifice: New Dutch Landscape in Photography and Video Art,  coinciding with the four-hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Henry Hudson to New York Harbor aboard the Dutch vessel Halve Maen.

Wout Berger (born in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, 1941)  has had exhibitions at the International Center of Photography, New York; Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris; Steidlijk Museum, Amsterdam; Huis Marseille, Amsterdam; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and during Mois de la Photo, Montreal. He lives and works in Uitdam, The Netherlands.