Aperture 139

Spring 1995

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 120 pages 978-0-89381-610-0
Aperture Magazine, issue #139, Summer 1995.
Portfolios and Essays on Lee Marmon, Maggie Steber, Zig Jackson, Paul Chaat Smith, Theresa Harlan, Jolene Rickard, Leslie Marmon Silko, Luci Tapahonso, James Welch, Linda Hogan, Jolene Rickard, Horace Poolaw, James Luna.

Ghost in the Machine
by Paul Chaat Smith

The Photography of Horace Poolaw
by N. Scott Momaday

Creating a Visual History: A Question of Ownership
by Theresa Harlan

Social Identity: A View from Within
by Zig Jackson

I've Always Wanted to be an American Indian
by James Luna

Shooting Back From the Reservation

Sovereignty: A Line in the Sand
by Jolene Richards

An Essay On Rocks
by Leslie Marmon Silko

by Linda Hogan

Raisin Eyes
by Luci Tapahonso

The Feather Series
by Larry McNeil

Kake Is The Place of No Rest, It Is
by Robert Davis

The Tlingit National Anthem
by Robert Willard, Jr.

The Land is Our Mother
by Nancy Ackerman

Plea to Those Who Matter
by James Welch

The Original People

Strong Hearts
by Jeffrey M. Thomas

In 1864
by Luci Tapahonso

Photographs by Nancy Ackerman, Walter Bigbee, Ken Blackbird, Ron Carraher, Pamela Shields Carroll, Joseph Concha, Jesse Cooday, Patricia Deadman, Monica Godoy, John C.H. Grabill, Jeremy Huesers, Zig Jackson, April Jiron, Rose Jones, Ronald Lewis, Jr., Carm Little Turtle, George Longfish, James Luna, Lee Marmon, Larry McNeil, David Neel, Bethany Nez, Horace Poolaw, Winnie Poolaw, Jolene Rickard, Monty Roessel, Leslie Marmon Silko, Greg Staats, John Stands, Maggie Steber, Jeffrey M. Thomas, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Schyle Vaughn, Richard Ray Whitman.