Aperture 179

Summer 2005

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 80 pages 978-1-93178-892-2
Aperture Magazine, issue #179, Summer 2005.
Portfolios and Essays from Neeta Madahar and Carlo McCormick, Hazel Larsen Archer and David Vaughan, Lyle Rexer and Jason Oddy, Charlotte Cotton and Martina Mullaney, Antonin Kratochvil and Michael Persson, Kerry Skarbakka and Wayne Koestenbaum, Martin Parr and Mark Haworth-Booth.

Neeta Madahar's Ornithology
by Carlo McCormick
Madahar's wondrous images of birds perched near her window reveal a tenuous balance between artifice and truth in nature's domestic life.

Motion Studies: Hazel Larsen Archer At Black Mountain College
by David Vaughan
Archer's extraordinary photographs of Merce Cunningham dancing are both lyrical and rigorously formal. Here Vaughan discusses the life of their creator, and the unique context in which they originated.

Outside the Law: Inside Guantanamo
by Lyle Rexer
Photographs by Jason Oddy
The U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is a place the world hears a lot about, but rarely sees. Oddy's photographs provide a rare glimpse of this site that is at the center of the "global war on terror" and much controversy.

Strange Bedfellows
by Charlotte Cotton
Photographs by Martina Mullaney
Mullaney's Turn In series, focusing on the worn beds at homeless shelters, rouses the elemental and universal human preoccupation with loneliness.

Surveillance: Photographs by Antonín Kratochvíl
Essay by Michael Persson
In Aperture's second commissioned photographic feature, Kratochvíl, with his signature expressionistic style, captures the unseen: that pervasive sense of anxiety that permeates post- 9/11 America.

Kerry Skarbakka: Falling
by Wayne Koestenbaum
Koestenbaum engages Skarbakka's series of dizzying images, to explore all the permutations of falling.

Unpacking My Library: A Talk About Photography Books
Martin Parr interviewed by Mark Haworth-Booth
Haworth-Booth and Parr discuss photography's relationship to books, as well as Parr's insatiable appetite for collecting all manner of photo-related ephemera.

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