Aperture 185

Winter 2006

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9 9/16 x 11 3/8 inches 88 pages 978-1-59711-399-1
Aperture Magazine, issue #185, Winter 2006.
Portfolios and Essays from Patti Smith, Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin, and David Campany, Caroline Mangez and Alexandra Boulat, Philip Gefter, Gail Albert Halaban and Jori Finkel, Marilyn Bridges and Gail Buckland, Eirik Johnson and Dalia Azim, Joshua Mack and Jessica Dimmock.

Patti Smith: Land 250
Offstage rock muse Patti Smith uses her Polaroid camera to capture sites that have deep meaning for her.

The Red House: Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
by David Campany
Broomberg and Chanarin have photographed wall drawings, etchings, and markings made by Kurdish prisoners in an Iraqi prison.

Silouettes: Muslim Women of the Middle East and Afghanistan
by Caroline Mangez, Photographs by Alexandra Boulat
Photojournalist Boulat and correspondant Mangez set out to glean an understanding of women's lives in countries where Islam has a large presence.

Photographic Icons: Fact, Fiction, or Metaphor?
by Philip Gefter
New York Times photography writer Gefter discusses famous images that reside somewhere between fact and fiction.

Friends with Money
by Jori Finkel, Photographs by Gail Albert Halaban
Halaban photographs well-heeled women balancing careers and motherhood.

Marilyn Bridges: Flights Over Ancient Anatolia
Interview by Gail Buckland
Bridges' latest aerial photographs explore Turkey's history, architecture, and topography.

Eirik Johnson: West Oakland Walk
by Dalia Azim
Johnson's portfolio discovers beauty in an urban landscape shaped by poverty and the exodus of industry.

The Ninth Floor
by Joshua Mack, Photographs by Jessica Dimmock
Since 2004, Dimmock has documented drug users in a New York shooting gallery.

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