Aperture is pleased to present a new limited-edition print by Gail Albert Halaban from her ongoing project Out My Window.

In her decade-long photography project Out My Window, Halaban has photographed what neighbors see through their neighbors’ windows in the cities of the world. The photographs are made from one residence looking into the window of another with the consent of both parties. Both sides of the view meet through the making of the photograph, so that the process of making the work connects neighbor to neighbor, creating community against the loneliness of the city. Halaban states that “though initially my work seems voyeuristic, above all this project is about my desire to connect with my subjects and their desire to connect with their neighbors.”

“The windows are both a boundary and a gateway, connecting viewer and viewed. Significantly, I work not from the street or the air but from the window across the way: when you look at my pictures, you stand in the neighbor’s shoes. Connecting neighbors, strengthening community lies at the heart of all of my work. Deeply seated in the artistic layers, beneath the play of light and form, lies human connectivity.

“I begin by meeting with my subjects and then helping them meet their neighbors. Meeting a neighbor is not without risks. The city demands that we trade off privacy for community that, once joined, surrounds us always. I find reason for hope in people’s desire to take that risk, to connect with one another and interact explicitly.”
The photograph here is from Palacio de Los Patos in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Built in the 1920s, it was modeled after a French apartment building. Halaban decided to explore Buenos Aires after her Paris Views project (Aperture, 2014) since it is known as the Paris of South America. This photograph is the view out her own window where she stayed in Buenos Aires.

Gail Albert Halaban (born in Washington, D.C., 1970) received an MFA in photography from Yale University. She has taught at the Pasadena Art Center and International Center of Photography, and at Yale, among other notable institutions. She has been included in both group and solo exhibitions internationally. Her book Out My Window was published by powerHouse Books in 2012. She is represented by Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York.