"I tried to make an image about desire and about the strange feeling that something is missing, although everything seems so peaceful and romantic." —Teun Hocks

Performer, photographer, and painter Teun Hocks plays the role of  "an innocent Everyman in an always strange and often funny world." In scenes that range from burlesque to tragicomic, his lonely, Buster Keaton–like persona perseveres through odd and unforgiving environments, struggling to find stable ground in an unstable, often absurd universe. Teun Hocks starts by sketching various one-man stories, then poses himself in a carefully plotted setup against his own painted backdrop. After photographing the scene, he paints in oil on top of the resulting oversize gelatin-silver print. The wit, elaborate technique, and rich colors of his images combine to form an irrepressibly original oeuvre. To create this image, Hocks painted the background and made the rock out of wood and paper. When setting up the shot, he took care to use natural lighting; he then asked his brother to direct his dog to sit as depicted in his preliminary drawings. In order to produce this image for Aperture in a larger edition, Hocks scanned the black-and-white 6-by-9-inch negative and digitally colored it.

Teun Hocks lives in Breukelen, the Netherlands, and teaches at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Trained as a painter and performance artist, he also makes video and Super 8 films in addition to his photographs and drawings. His work, which has been exhibited in numerous international solo and group exhibitions, is represented by P.P.O.W, New York; Torch Gallery, Amsterdam; and Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris.


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