"I experienced the tangible sensation of a collective state of waiting. Not a waiting that has its known motif, but an indefinite lingering, quietly swimming beneath our thoughts like an unsolved puzzle with pieces we don't recognize. The Rabbit Hole, being a clear embodiment of this mood, is the reluctant invitation to that state, to that specific world, where the unspecified exists outside our peripheral."—Kristoffer Axén

The Rabbit Hole, by Kristoffer Axén, was featured in reGeneration 2: Tomorrow's Photographers Today, the second book in Aperture's series turning the spotlight to the next generation of potential star photographers. The language created by Kristoffer Axén relates to cinema. His world—composed with digital tools—is depicted in almost monochrome tones and gives the impression of being a non-place in a non-time. The interaction between the scenes represented and the viewer's imagination gives way to fiction. The series, which evokes more of a nightmare than reality, enables him to question the world in which he lives.

Kristoffer Axén (born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1984) graduated from the International School of Photography in 2009. He has participated in group shows in China, Denmark, and the U.S., and his work is held in the collections of the Musée d'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland; and Michaelis School of Fine Arts, Cape Town, South Aftrica.


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