Aperture is pleased to present this limited-edition print in conjunction with the publication of Aperture #226, "American Destiny.”

“Drake is rediscovering—discovering, really—the United States as a native-made-newcomer, and as one tracing a path behind those whose footsteps reveal the wild, varying textures of a nation too often reduced to myths, stereotypes, and clichés. 'What is America to me?' her work asks, pointing to the outsiders, the recent transplants, the strangers among us. Will they be strangers forever? Or will they eventually be welcomed as Americans, too?” — Garnette Cadogen

Carolyn Drake is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, the Lange Taylor Prize, a Fulbright fellowship, and the Anamorphosis Book Prize, among other awards. She is author of two self published photo books, Two Rivers (2013) and Wild Pigeon (2014). Her newest book, a series of imaginative collaborations with the women in a Ukrainian Internat, will be published later this year. Having spent a decade living and working abroad, she is now based in California and making work in the US. Carolyn is a nominee at Magnum Photos.