Bianca Brunner's photographs are based on memory. Limbo 5, included in reGeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow (Aperture, 2006), is from her five-image Limbo series, exploring the concept of somatic memory, the body's own memory. The series shows people fixed in motion, in a moment of stillness. Nothing in the images is moving; everything is held in a prolonged state of waiting.

Brunner wants us to remember that human beings do not only remember things with their minds, but that many memories may be held inside the body. "When we touch things, or move in certain ways, the thoughts attached to these bodily functions can pop up," Brunner says. "Or it can be the other way around; remembering something can unleash certain physical feelings or even movements." This phenomenon, the displacement in time that takes place when a latent image suddenly emerges and disrupts the scene of the present, is what this work is all about.

Bianca Brunner (born in Chur, Switzerland, 1974) received her master's degree in photography from the Royal College of Art in London. She is a recipient of The Matthews Wrightson Charity Trust Award, 2007; First Prize, National Magazine Award, 2006; and a Scholarship City of Zurich, 2005.


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