Aperture is pleased to release a new limited-edition photograph by Lise Sarfati

Sarah.phg 3_06, 2015 is the emblematic first photograph of the series Sarah, created in Los Angeles in 2015. The series consists of three color photographs, two black-and-white images, and several segments of Super 8 film. The form is similar to a very precise cutout, oscillating between shadow and light, from color to black and white, from a single image to multiple frames, like a series seeking to compartmentalize different periods of time and space. Lise Sarfati has always treated the feminine figure in her photographs as a character. The emptiness of the image is only on the surface. One would more likely evoke an enigmatic gap made up exclusively by the open interpretations each one attributes to the characters wandering. The context, the background of these photographs, oscillates between previously explored territories, far from unknown, paths already taken, places where the artist majorly invested herself in the space. This is a new series by the artist.

Lise Sarfati lives in Paris, France. She holds a master’s degree in Russian studies from the Sorbonne. She has been working in the United States, where she has made seven series of work which have been widely exhibited and published, including solo shows at LACMA, Los Angeles; Magnum Gallery, Paris; Fotografins Hus, Stockholm; Maison Rouge, Paris; FOAM, Amsterdam; UCR/California Museum of Photography; Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen; Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France; and Centre National de la Photographie Paris. Her work is held in many private and public collections, including LACMA, Los Angeles; SFMOMA, San Francisco; de Young Museum, San Francisco; Brooklyn Museum; Philadelphia Museum of Art; and the Nelson-Atkins Museum.


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