Aperture is pleased to present this limited-edition print in conjunction with the publication of Aperture #226, "American Destiny.”

“The people in these photographs, the descendants of the survivors of conquest, land appropriation, and ethnic cleansing, continue to migrate across arbitrary borders, the product of the clash between the European and the native views of land. It is the same earth cultivated over thousands of years, the same routes followed north and south. This continuous thread is Landeros’s visual narrative as well as her own story.” — Sandra Cisneros

Kathya Maria Landeros is a photographer and educator whose work explores Mexican-American identity and the immigrant experience. She has photographed throughout the American West in established Latino communities and in Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. Prior to earning a graduate degree in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she received an undergraduate degree in English literature and Hispanic studies from Vassar College.


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