Mary Ellen Mark on the Portrait and the Moment Guide

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This resource is intended to complement Aperture’s Workshop Series book Mary Ellen Mark on the Portrait and the Moment and aid educators in leading meaningful discussions surrounding its content. Aperture Education staff have organized this learning guide thematically, highlighting salient topics from Mary Ellen Mark’s text. Within each theme, relevant chapters, passages, and vocabulary are noted, along with guiding questions to accompany specific images. The Photography Workshop Series is an accessible resource that can be used to begin class discussions on photography’s history, the nature of photography, photographic techniques, the act of seeing, and the author of each book. The books are formatted in such a way that each chapter contains its own mini lesson or discussion, with bold headings or a bold quotation, and a brief elaboration or explanation below. The bolded headings can act as discussion topics, and can be easily rephrased as questions that you may pose to your class. The accompanying photographs can act as the slideshow for the lesson.

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