“I was inspired by the way a car can steal the show. Think of iconic car chases in films—it’s often about spectacle, and has little to do with advancing a narrative. And that’s the way I think of these cars, as dead-end technologies, but also as high-performance machines which, for their audience, sought to reflect the spirit and attitudes of their time.” —Matthew Porter

Aperture is pleased to offer a special limited-edition photograph by Matthew Porter in advance of his upcoming Aperture publication, Matthew Porter: The Heights (April 2019).

From his widely popular “flying cars” series, South City, 2018 is a recent work: here we see the classic 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle captured midair over city streets. Each photograph in the series is a freeze-frame—a hypothetical film still from a pulp fiction scene.  A hybrid of hyperreality and studied topographic description, part bittersweet nostalgia and part ironic reinvention of a classic American trope. 


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