The first edition of Photographs of Mexico, a portfolio of twenty hand-pulled gravure prints by Paul Strand, sold out long ago. A second edition was published as The Mexican Portfolio in 1967. This current edition of Near Saltillo is one of six hand-pulled dust-grain photogravures printed by master photogravure printer Jon Goodman and available as an individual image from the portfolio.

Paul Strand (born in New York, 1890; died in Orgeval, France, 1976) is one of the great photographers of the twentieth century. As a youth, he studied under Lewis Hine at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, going on to draw acclaim from such illustrious sources as Alfred Stieglitz. After World War II, Strand traveled around the world—from New England to Ghana, France to the Outer Hebrides—to photograph, and in the process created a dynamic and significant body of work.


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