Coinciding with “Platform Africa,” Aperture is pleased to present a series of limited-edition prints by artists featured in the issue. 

“For Nico Krijno, the game of comparing, translating, and constructing affinities plays out in buoyant pictures arranged in whimsical sequences. Fresh tropical flowers are set against busy textiles; mismatched push-button telephones sit playfully, like interlocking slinkys, on concrete steps. The experimental energy of these images shows a manic attention to the contiguities of perception, leaving much for the eye to linger over and around—exuberant colors, clashes of textures and patterns, unlikely juxtapositions, and visual paradoxes that twist our sense of logic and perception.” —Sara Knelman, from Aperture Issue 227, “Platform Africa”

Nico Krijno (Born in Cape Town, SA, 1981) lives and Works in South Africa. With a background in theatre and experimental video, Krijno switched camps to the field of visual arts around 2008. His performance-based photographic practice is realized in a variety of media, from sculpture, participatory installation and video. His first solo show, 'On How To Fill Those Gaps' in late 2011 - and the accompanying self published book - was widely lauded. Selected works have since been included in group shows in Edinburgh, Milan, Los Angeles, San-Francisco, Glasgow, and London. He was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2015.




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