This work was created as part of the Photography Is Magic Commission project curated by Charlotte Cotton.

"The artists who have created bespoke works in response to Photography Is Magic reconsider photographic traditions and implement new skills to create their versions of photographic sleight of hand. Their photographic magic derives from the span of the medium’s rich history, from analog through to the newest imaging technologies, and is set within the framework of the present moment of visual culture."

—Charlotte Cotton

Asha Schechter’s artistic practice is set within the context of a networked, commodity-centric culture—where a wholesale movement away from privileging the “source” or “original” is coded into every creative photographic gesture. In his brilliantly disorienting works, photographic motifs and 3-D renderings appear to hover and scatter across the picture plane, indicative of Schechter’s questioning of our contemporary image world from a position consciously within its default dynamics and aesthetics.

"I am interested in the lifespan of images. I am interested in how an image comes into being, what kind of work it does, how it ages, and when it stops being useful. I think of certain kinds of 3-D models as underemployed—the kinds of models that on first blush make sense, but after further scrutiny look off in one way or another. These images have made their way into the pictures, stickers, and videos I have been making—sometimes being put to sensible use, and sometimes floating in an indeterminate space, hoping that someday they might have something better to do."



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