Artist Curtis Mann collects found photographs depicting conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, then bleaches and scratches the surface of the images, removing information to create new meanings from his source material. The scrapes, scratches, and crumples compel the viewer to slow down and consider the work beyond its surface.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Mann has always had a curiosity for the paper, chemicals, and inks used to produce photographic images. Though it would be easier to reproduce his aesthetic digitally, he feels that the physical processes of bleaching, tearing, and handling the print has a strong metaphoric meaning and conceptual connection to the ideas of erosion, imperfection, destruction, and erasure that are present in the work.

Curtis Mann is a pioneer in his approach to using alternative processes to encourage contemporary and conceptual ideas. Sculpture, remnant (Lebanon) is a striking handmade print that dissects photographic conventions and would be an exciting addition to your collection.