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Aperture is pleased to release this limited-edition photograph by Rose Callahan, which coincides with the publication of Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style by Shantrelle P. Lewis. 

Rose Callahan has been well immersed in the world of dandyism since starting her blog The Dandy Portraits in early 2008; she is also immaculately dressed and well put together from head to toe herself. Through the blog, Callahan began to meet and photograph gentlemen of “extreme elegance” who were impeccably styled with an exquisite personal flair ... Callahan resists defining dandyism in her pictures, allowing each gentleman his own personal space. “Today, the question ‘what is a dandy?’ has no simple answer, and I do not claim to have the last word. Rather, this is a very personal exploration of dandyism, in its ‘infinite variety,’ through the gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting. With each new portrait comes more curiosity, and the realization that a true dandy is a rare thing indeed.”

Rose Callahan lives in Brooklyn with her husband and creative partner Kelly Desmond Bray. Born in the eccentric milieu of San Francisco and raised from the age of eight in the Gold Rush town of Grass Valley, California, Rose has been interested in photography since she was ten, when her mother brought her to a darkroom for the first time. Rose received her BFA in photography from California College of Arts and moved to New York City in 1999, where she has spent the years since honing her craft and becoming a world-renowned commercial photographer. Rose’s photos have appeared in numerous publications including L’Uomo Vogue, Esquire, Cartier Art, London Sunday Times, GQ South Africa, Wall Street Journal, Elle China, and Spirit and Flesh. Her clients include Mastercard, Gilt Groupe, Random House, Shinola, and since 2013 Rose is the exclusive photographer for the Metropolitan Opera’s style blog Last Night at the Metwhere she documents the diverse personal style of the audience as they mingle and strut in the iconic opera house.


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