At Twelve

Photographs and commentary by Sally Mann
Introduction by Ann Beattie

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10 7/8 x 9 3/8 inches 56 pages, 37 duotone images Paperback 978-0-89381-330-7 Designed by Christy Hale

At Twelve by Sally Mann is a composite portrait that is both universal and intimately personal. As Ann Beattie writes in her perceptive introduction, "These girls still exist in an innocent world in which a pose is only a pose—what adults make of that pose may be the issue."

"Haunting black-and-white studies of children, shown here as surprisingly sensual and often distant beings, the magical keepers of some obscure and vaguely frightening secrets." —Karen Lipson, Newsday

"Sally Mann's photography is a clear pane... not intrusion, but revelation. These young women distill something for the eye... something beautiful and sad and moving, something purely female." —Diane Sawyer

Sally Mann (born in Lexington, Virginia, 1951) is one of America's most renowned photographers. She has received numerous awards, including NEA, NEH, and Guggenheim Foundation grants, and her work is held by major institutions internationally. Mann's many books include What Remains (2003), Deep South (2005), and the Aperture titles At Twelve (1988), Immediate Family (1992), Still Time (1994), Proud Flesh (2009), and The Flesh And The Spirit (2010). She lives in Lexington, Virginia.


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