Join mentor and educator Mary Virginia Swanson for a two-day workshop that will teach photographers how to conduct targeted research, build their audience, and extend the life of their photobook beyond publication.

Whether your book is self-published, published by a trade publisher, or published by a small press, the publication date is just the beginning of the journey. In this workshop, Swanson will explore ways in which newly published photographers can conduct targeted research to find methods of facilitating awareness and attention about their projects. From examining existing and desired audiences to discussing the possibility of exhibitions, this workshop will broaden photographers’ perspectives and educate them about methods that will aid in securing exposure for their book and work.

On the first day, Swanson will introduce the photobook market and how to research and build an audience. Participants will introduce their work and marketing concept to the group, and begin strategizing methods of targeted research. On the second day, participants will work to redefine their project statement and audience in order to create a precise marketing plan. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about exhibitions, social media tools, and educational programming that could be tied to a book project.