"It is generally known that there are places on top of hills to which a certain magic power is ascribed. Can a spiritual experience incite a special form of levitation—a kind of exaltation of the body and mind? Deep knowledge brings about ecstatic tension and experience. People often imagine that they fly in their own dreams. Unusual levitation in a landscape refers to many associations inspired by classical painting or religious images, themes, and myths." —Tereza Vlčkovà

Aperture is pleased to offer to our collecting audience A Perfect Day, Elise . . . by Tereza Vlčkovà, as featured in reGeneration 2: Tomorrow's Photographers Today, the second book in the esteemed series shining a spotlight on the next generation of potential star photographers.

Inspired by the many artists from the original 2005 reGeneration publication who went on to develop international careers, Aperture has prepared limited editions by several of the 2010 volume's participating artists, some of whose work is available for purchase for the very first time. The sale of these prints helps support these emerging artists—and gives collectors an opportunity to acquire their work early in their careers.

"Teresa Vlčkovà is undoubtedly passionate about the ethereal. Her series A Perfect Day, Elise . . . shows various girls who seem to have been bewitched by the spirit of the place in which they find themselves. Even though religious painting has already accustomed us to such scenes, how can the experience of levitation be photographed? Since we often think of photography as a testimony or a memory of reality, Vlčkovà makes us doubt what we witness." —Nathalie Hershdorfer

Teresa Vlčkovà (b. 1983 in the Czech Republic) is a student at the Institute of Creative Photography, Czech Republic. She has had solo shows in the Czech Republic, France, and Slovakia, and has participated in group shows in the U.K., Japan, and the U.S. She was the winner of the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) in 2010 and a Grand Prix BMW award from Lyon Septembre de la Photographie, France. Her work is held in the collections of the Musée d'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland; Michaelis School of Fine Arts, Cape Town, South Aftrica; and PPF Art, Czech Republic.


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