"The images in this series are an attempt to capture human stories in everyday life, those that exist in the space between the odd and the ordinary." —Michal Chelbin

Two Athletes is from Michal Chelbin's Strangely Familiar series, a body of work that features sympathetic pictures of performers and wrestlers from small towns in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe, England, and Israel. Chelbin's most frequent subjects are children and adolescents, as in the case of Two Athletes. As she states, "My aim is to record a scene where there is a mixture of direct information and enigmas and in which there are visual contrasts between young and old, large and small, normal and abnormal. My playground lies between the private and the public, between fiction and documentary."

Michal Chelbin (born in Haifa, Israel, 1974) has lived in Brooklyn since 2006. Her work has appeared in solo shows in Israel, Los Angeles, and New York, and in group shows internationally, and is held in many collections, including Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy; Sir Elton John Collection; and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.