Michael Corridore's images inspired by the desire to portray people who follow their passion at various sporting events. He witness ed amazing moments of exhilaration that were quickly consumed by unsettling, unreal, dream-like scenarios. The spectators and their environment become engulfed in dust and smoke, the net effect of the events and location that these people had come to witness, rendering the events and landscape indecipherable. The people's reactions often appear at odds with the images in which they partake, their expressions and reactions often appear peaceful and dreamlike. These moments of confusion last mere seconds at pivotal moments during performances and various activities, yet the photographs seem to suggest a different story. Although the events themselves could be quite spectacular, he was more intrigued by these captured moments that pose more questions than provide answers. The events merely provide background and circumstances for the scenarios depicted.Michael Corridore is a graduate of Photography Studies College, Australia. His work has been exhibted at the Australian Centre for Photography, the Ipswitch Art Gallery, and Gippsland Art Gallery. More of his work can be seen on his website. He divides his time between New York City and Sydney, Australia.



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