"Boundaries both abstract and formal are the focus of this project. Shot along the border of Moscow city it also explores the boundaries of an image itself confronted with the abstract plane of photographic paper" —Alexander Gronsky

Photographing areas of Moscow that are neither entirely urban nor rural, Alexander Gronsky reveals the ambiguous spaces in which city dwellers relax and find solace in nature. These are certainly not idyllic settings; the edge of the city looms in the background with its faint skyline and construction cranes, leaving the viewer ever aware that these natural settings exist within yet a vaster urban context. Both the man-made and wild spaces look quite abstract—not inhospitable, as much as unknowable and vast.

Alexander Gronsky (born in Tallinn, Estonia, 1980)  began working as a professional photographer in 1998. In 2005 he joined Photographer.ru agency. He has received many awards, including the Linhof Young Photographer Award. He is represented by GALLERY.PHOTOGRAPHER.RU in Moscow, Russia.