"The Belly of the Whale [series] is affected by the cumulative consciousness and experiences of the past. The shipwreck, the white horse, [and] the light at the end of the tunnel are archetypal images and ideas that resonate and reoccur throughout history: [in] the arts, mythology, and religion. Standing before the subject, I know if I am witnessing the 'Belly.' It is difficult to explain: a mood, a balance, a sensibility, nostalgia, nihilism, and melancholy all rolled into one. It is instinctive and primeval and relies on ones capacity to imagine and comprehend." —Robin Friend

Robin Friend's Untitled (Horse) was featured in reGeneration 2: Tomorrow's Photographers Today, the second book in Aperture's series shining a spotlight on the next generation's rising stars. Friend creates his images by using a large-format camera, which enables him to work accurately with light, color, and focus. With his landscapes, he seeks to share a physical encounter. Through his work, he questions our relationship with the earth, examines the place of human nature, and explores space through the act of seeing, without omitting the experience of sublime beauty.

Robin Friend (born in London in 1983) graduated with an MFA in Photography from Royal College of Art in 2009. He has participated in shows in the U.K., and his work is held in the collection of the John Jones Collection.


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