"My images are vehicles to address universal themes: family issues, ideas of normality, puberty with its all incumbent pains and distractions" —Michal Chelbin

Xenia, Janna and Alona in the Woods is a work from Michal Chelbin's Strangely Familiar series. In her sympathetic pictures of performers and wrestlers from small towns in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe, England, and Israel, Chelbin offers a glimpse into worlds that are both strange and familiar. The settings, costumes, and sometimes even the subjects themselves seem exotic, but her portraits look beyond that to capture a transcendent sense of individual character. Using an intense color palette with distinctive use of saturated pinks, blues, and greens, this image is imbued with an almost fairytale-like quality. It invites the viewer to ponder the story and the circumstances in which it was created.

Michal Chelbin (born in Haifa, Israel, 1974) has lived in Brooklyn since 2006. Her work has appeared in solo shows in Israel, Los Angeles, and New York, and in group shows internationally, and is held in many collections, including Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy; Sir Elton John Collection; and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.