The Photographer in the Garden

Friday, April 6

  • Party to benefit Aperture

    Hosted by

    Martha Stewart

    Ginger and Stephen Shore

    Sarah Anne McNear


  • 6:30–9:00 p.m.
    VIP Host Committee Cocktails, Dinner, and Auction
    (Starting at $1,500)

    Sophia Room, 17th Floor

    215 Chrystie Street, New York


    9:00–11:00 p.m.
    Spring Party featuring performance by Zsela with Daniel Aged
    Sets by Alix Brown
    ($75 Tickets / $50 for current Aperture Members)

    Downstairs Club

    215 Chrystie Street, New York

  • Dress: In full bloom




    (212) 946-7108/7146 or [email protected]


Aperture Spring Party Host Committee Dinner Tickets are sold out.

Aperture Spring Party Tickets (for 9:00 p.m. entry) are available for $75 per guest, at the door at

Thank you for your support!

The Photographer in the Garden, published by Aperture and the George Eastman Museum, considers how photographers have chosen to interpret the garden, exploring the symbolism of individual flowers, and how gardeners have shaped the landscape from famous locations, such as Versailles and Giverny, to the simplest home vegetable gardens. Coauthored by Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear, the book unites the work of some of the most important practitioners in the history of the medium, including, among others, Eugène Atget, Edward Steichen, Imogen Cunningham, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Collier Schorr.

  Image: Stephen Shore, Giverny, France,1981 (detail)


    • Sb Cooper and R. L. Besson, Besson/Cooper Fund
    • Allan Chapin and Anna Rachminov
    • Anonymous
    • Bill and Victoria Cherry
    • Cathy M. Kaplan
    • Elaine Goldman and John Benis
    • Nion McEvoy
    • Thomas R. Schiff
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    • Dr. Albert Knapp and Dr. Ruth Oratz
    • Elizabeth Ann Kahane
    • Hemant Kanakia and Sonalde Desai
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    • Mrs. John (Susan) Gutfreund
    • M&T Charitable Foundation
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    • Rita Anthoine
    • Sarah McNear and Ian Wardropper
    • Victoria Schorsch
    • Whit Williams
    • Willard Taylor and Virginia Davies
  • Spring Party Committee

    • Alexander Hurst
    • Angela Dimayuga
    • Dianna Cohen
    • Liz Grover
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    • Sam Pritzker
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